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Why should I choose MBA studies in Poland?

Polish MBA programs, as well as the entire Polish education system, provide high quality services and standards. Polish professionals, alumni of the Polish MBAs, are successful in their careers working all over the world. They are perceived as very well educated, effective and extremely prospective individuals who are appreciated in the business world. Furthermore, MBA studies in Poland cost less than most European MBAs.


Do I have to speak Polish?

Among over 50 MBA programs in Poland we have chosen and presented 17 programs which are fully taught in English. So, you don't have to speak Polish in order to study MBA in Poland. All of the chosen MBA programs offer courses taught by both Polish and international professors. Most of them are from the US and the Western Europe.


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The magic formula for a successful career

I have asked countless business partners the following question: "What steps did you take to become successful in your career?" The response I got most frequently was: "Basically, I was lucky. I happened to be at the right place at the right time, talking to the right people about the right things."

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Welcome to MBA Poland, the ultimate guide to Polish MBA programs. If you want to study a modern Master of Business Administration program in the heart of Europe, this website is made for you. It provides complex information about the Polish MBA programs, news from universities and articles about this type of studies. You can find here hints on how to prepare yourself for MBA studies. On our portal you learn about benefits from being an MBA alumnus.

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