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Today, after a break of 3 years, we learned the results of this year's PERSPEKTIVY 2024 ranking of MBA programs, in which 1st place was taken ex aequo (2nd place in 2021) by the Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration (SGH) and (1st place in 2021) by the Executive MBA program from Kozminski University and, 3rd place (4th place in 2021) by the Executive MBA Poznan-Atlanta.

The ranking of MBA studies prepared by the PERSPEKTIVY Foundation is one of the longest-running, as well as the most well-known and recognized, lists of this type in Poland. In this year's edition of the ranking, 34 were classified. In order for an MBA program to be included in this year's ranking, it had to meet the following requirements: the studies lasted a minimum of two semesters, during which a minimum of 300 hours of classes were held, the program was completed by at least two graduating classes, and the university conducting the program was classified in the Perspectives Higher Education Ranking 2023. The latter condition applied primarily to private universities, whose participation in the Perspectives Higher Education Ranking depends on their completion of a questionnaire.

Ranking methodology

In the process of evaluating MBA programs, 5 main criteria are taken into account, i.e. the substantive features of the program (30%), the teaching staff of the program (23%), the program's rank and prestige (20%), the career support of graduates (15%), the program's audience (12%). Different aspects are examined in each of these criteria. In this year's edition, 28 indicators related to the running of the MBA program were taken into account. The survey consists of surveys of study organizers and program graduates as well as databases of foreign accreditation organizations and domestic and foreign ranking organizations. The results of the survey are then included in the ranking with the appropriate weighting. According to the rules adopted by the Chapter, programs whose total score does not differ by more than 0.5 percent are ranked in the same position.

More on the ranking methodology can be found here.

MBA ranking results

As mentioned in the introduction, the top of this year's ranking are 3 programs from Warsaw: Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA) run by the Warsaw School of Economics and Executive MBA from Kozminski University, and Executive MBA Poznan-Atlanta.

The top ten is completed by

4th place ex aequo - Executive MBA - WSB Academy (13th place in 2021) and Executive MBA conducted by the Business School of Warsaw University of Technology

6th place ex aequo - MBA Academy WSB, Executive MBA University of Economics in Wroclaw, EMBA@UW - Executive MBA University of Warsaw - Faculty of Management (MCZ).

9th place - Executive SGH-WUM MBA in health care Warsaw Medical University and Warsaw School of Economics.

10th place - MBA-SGHm Warsaw School of Economics.

As in previous editions of the ranking, the top spot has the highest number of MBA programs from Warsaw. This year they took 2 of the 3 podium spots, and in total there are as many as 6 MBA programs available in the capital in the top 10.

As for the importance of the ranking itself, it should be emphasized that the ranking certainly makes it easier to find answers as to which MBA program to choose and is a source of much valuable information. However, it should not be the only criterion for choosing a program, school or university. At the same time, it turns out that MBA studies are both valued and increasingly appreciated. It is still a good investment, as the best of them boast a very satisfying rate of return.

You can read the full results of the ranking at

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