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Why MBA in Poland?

Why study MBA in Poland? Like the entire education system, the MBA studies offered in Poland provide high quality knowledge and modern teaching methods. The MBA graduates are valued professionals and achieve success while working not only for the companies in Poland, but also in the world. They are perceived as the individuals who are competent, well-educated, sophisticated and industrious as well as have high-class managerial and professional skills. Despite their relatively short tradition, the MBA studies in Poland are well-recognized and respected in the world. Their unquestionable advantage is modern knowledge, participation in lectures given by the professors representing the international universities, international accreditations as well as fees that are considerably lower than in the other countries in the European Union.

MBA Studies in Poland

The universities in Poland offer more than 60 Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. For more than ten years this number has increased successively. The programs are available at a different advancement and pricing level. Most programs are taught in Polish or in a combination with English. However, a big part of the programs (approximately 20) are taught only in English. As far as these programs are concerned, they are most advanced, organized in collaboration with the international universities and offer some sessions abroad. The selected programs (around 10) give an opportunity to obtain a diploma from the international university, too. Such a solution means a double benefit. Firstly, this type of programs provides a chance of acquiring modern management knowledge. Secondly, it gives an opportunity to obtain a diploma from both the Polish university conducting the MBA program and the international business schools.

The quality of the Polish MBA programs is recognizable and valued not only by the Polish and foreign employers, but also by the institutions assessing the programs in terms of both conceptual and market value. It is proven by a large number of the accreditations, which is something for the universities involved in organizing the MBA studies to be proud of. There are a lot of recognized higher education accreditation organizations, including: AACSB, AMBA, EFMD (EQUIS and EPAS accreditation systems) and CEEMAN. Increasingly often the Polish MBA programs are appearing in the international rankings and lists. For a few years at least two programs from Poland have been listed in the Global MBA ranking from the Financial Times, as well as in the other lists prepared by the other publishing companies.

Starting the MBA studies in Poland is not connected with a very difficult and tiring recruitment procedure. Most programs require a certified English knowledge (most often the TOEFL exam) as well as a passed mathematical and critical reasoning test similar to the GMAT exam or the GMAT exam alone. During the recruitment process an interview is frequently carried out, too.

The MBA studies in Poland offer access to modern knowledge under attractive pricing conditions. The average fee for these studies in Poland is around PLN 32 thousand (around € 7,200). However, this average fee is calculated on the basis of the prices for all the programs offered in Poland. As far as the programs taught only in English are concerned, their average fee is higher. The prices for the studies run in English oscillate from around PLN 21 thousand (around € 5,000) to around PLN 126 thousand (around € 28 thousand). The average fee for the best MBA programs in Poland fully taught in English is around PLN 75 thousand (around € 17,000).

Completing the MBA studies in Poland is not only a chance to acquire modern management knowledge, but also an opportunity to have access to the labor market of one of the most thriving economies in the European Union. The Polish businesses and subsidiaries of the international corporations operating in Poland look for highly qualified employees, managers and specialists. The MBA diploma in Poland has a very high value and is well perceived by the employers. The MBA studies provide a large number of the benefits, and that is why it is worth being interested in them if you consider starting the MBA studies abroad – in Europe.

The current offer of the MBA programs available in Poland can be found on the web site mbapoland.com that has already been provided for a few years by MBA Portal, the leader among the platforms dedicated to the MBA programs in Poland.

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