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The best business universities in Europe in 2019 - the Financial Times ranking

The best business universities in Europe in 2019 - the Financial Times ranking

The list of the best business schools in Europe is published annually in December by the Financial Times. In this year's edition of the ranking, top positions did not change significantly. 1st place for HEC Paris (2nd in 2018), 2nd place London Business School (1st in 2018), 3rd place SDA Bocconi / Universita Bocconi (6th in 2018). The ranking also includes 2 universities from Poland: Kozminski University - 48th place (43rd in 2018) and Warsaw School of Economics - 69th place (71st place in 2018).

Ranking methodology

The method of the ranking results has not changed significantly compared to last year's edition. The main element of the summary are the results obtained by the university in several previously published rankings, such as the rankings of full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Master's in management and Executive Education. In addition, the creators of the ranking also send out surveys to graduates, from which they obtain information about their careers and financial advancement three years after graduation. Some of the questions in the survey concern general study conditions. An important element of the ranking are also the criteria that the university should meet to be included in the ranking. Therefore, all universities classified in the ranking have at least one accreditation, AACSB or EQUIS. In addition, they offer at least one program that has been running for at least four years, as well as students after the first year of study at least three years before publishing the list.

Ranking results

The top ranking of the best business schools in Europe has remained unchanged for at least the third edition of the ranking. The best business schools come from Western Europe in the following order: HEC Paris (1st place, last year 2nd), London Business School (2nd place last year 1st), and SDA Bocconi / Universita Bocconi (third place, last year's sixth position). The Polish representation is two universities: the Kozminski University ranked 48th (43rd place in 2018) and the Warsaw School of Economics in 69th, which in comparison to 2018 was promoted from 71th. It is worth noting that in the ranking Poland appears again with results on the 14th position thanks to ESCP Europe, which is a strategic partner of the Kozminski University. Among the best business schools in our region, Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia, each of the countries listed, have one university each. It is worth noting that Kozminski University is the highest classified among the universities in our region.


Polish universities occupy good positions on the very competitive European business education market. At the same time, the "FT" ranking shows that schools from Central and Eastern Europe are constantly shortening the distance to representatives from our continent, but of course this requires a lot of commitment, effort and time. In Poland, about 20 Executive MBA and MBA programs are offered in English, so the language does not constitute any barrier for future students from other countries.

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