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It is worth to study management in Warsaw. Financial Times ranking

It is worth to study management in Warsaw. Financial Times ranking

The Financial Times daily has just released the list of 100 best masters in management programs, chosen from 12,000 business universities in the world. Among them, there are two universities from Poland: Kozminski University, which took 42nd place and the Warsaw School of Economics, which came in 58th position, and also 5 other business schools from Central and Eastern Europe.

The Financial Times’ educational rankings are based on its own surveys carried out among graduates who finished schools three years ago. Four years ago, KU was left by an exceptionally successful year, and graduates' professional careers, measured by salaries and promotions, allowed the university to jump to the high 20th position in the "FT" ranking. In previous editions of this ranking, KU took 42nd place, as this year, so KU has just returned to its former spot.

Among the 17 evaluation criteria assessed by FT, one of the key factors is progress in the professional careers of graduates. In this respect, ALK fares very well taking 7th place. The average annual weighted salary of Kozminski graduates is up to 65,000 dollars (gross).

As many as seven universities represent Central and Eastern Europe in the FT ranking, which shows a significant progress of managerial education in our region. In addition to two Polish universities, the ranking also includes: University of Economics in Prague (18th), HHL in Leipzig (24th), GSOM in St. Petersburg (27th), Corvinus University in Budapest (84th) and University of Ljubljana (87th). Asia is also becoming the education leader. As many as 15 universities from the Far East are included in the ranking.

Business schools from Western Europe have consistently led the FT ranking for years. University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) is ranked number one, the second is HEC Paris, and third – London Business School. The lack of American universities in this ranking is caused due solely to differences in programs and terminology. In the USA, master's degree in management is usually a full-time MBA (FT devotes a separate ranking to MBA programs).

In addition to two Warsaw universities, which are listed in the ranking, there are also their foreign partners. KU runs a program implemented jointly with ESCP Europe (5th place in the ranking), and SGH is one of 31 Cems partner universities (8th place).

Full ranking standing are available here:

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