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Eduniversal Business School Ranking 2021

Eduniversal Business School Ranking 2021

Eduniversal rating agency has announced the results of the Business School Ranking 2021. It is a list of 1000 universities and business schools from around the world divided into regions and countries. The first place among Polish universities went to the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University. It was also the only university in our country to be awarded 5 Palms of Excellence.

Eduniversal is a global rating agency for higher education institutions in the world, which annually presents the results of the ranking of studies and universities. In this ranking, universities were analyzed and not the studies they run, which are classified in the Best Masters ranking. Business School Ranking has been prepared since 2007. This year 1000 universities from 154 countries were classified.

Ranking methodology

The methodology for evaluating universities consists of 3 steps:


The goal of the first step of the ranking process is to select the top 1000 business schools from thousands of different schools to be presented in the ranking. The number of schools selected to participate in the ranking, from each of the 154 countries, is determined by a quota method using quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Quantitative criteria include, but are not limited to: national education expenditure per capita, GDP per capita, population size, and number of students in higher education.
Qualitative criteria include, but are not limited to: number of college graduates in the country, historical significance of national educational tradition.


The universities ranked in the first step are grouped for each country and are subject to levels of excellence called "palms of excellence".

Each palm of excellence is awarded to each school according to a set of criteria created by the international scientific committee that oversees the ranking. Elements such as accreditation, position in major rankings, membership in academic or professional associations, and international partnerships are taken into account when awarding palms.

5 palms are awarded to 100 ranked universities and signify a university with a strong global impact.

4 palms are awarded to 200 ranked universities and signify top business schools with significant international impact.

3 palms are awarded to 400 ranked universities and signify excellent business schools with enhanced international impact.

2 palms are awarded to 200 ranked universities and signify good business schools with strong regional influence.

1 palm is awarded to 100 universities in the ranking and signifies a business school with a strong local influence.


Once a school has been awarded a certain number of Palms of Excellence, the final step is to rank the school in its country according to the number of Palms awarded. The ranking of the school depends on the assessment made by the deans of the other top business schools in the Eduniversal ranking. This step, called the Deans' Vote, allows to take into account the knowledge of the deans of the best business schools in the world: it is synonymous with the recognition of university leaders.

Ranking results

The best university from Poland was recognized, once again, the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. It also received 5 Palms of Excellence as the only university from our country. In the group of universities with 4 palms were Leon Kozminski Academy from Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics and Poznan University of Economics. In total 18 universities from Poland were classified in the ranking. The Business School of Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Economics and Management of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu National-Louis University in Nowy Sacz, Gdansk Foundation for Management Training received 3 palms. Among the universities that have won 2 palms were Finance and Business Academy Vistula of Warsaw and Wroclaw University of Economics. Other Polish universities were awarded the title of Eduniversal Selected.

Conclusions from the ranking

The results of the ranking confirm the high quality and international recognition of our domestic universities and their strong position in the region. We are also glad that 18 universities from Poland meet the high criteria of this extensive international ranking.

It should be remembered that the main purpose of the rankings prepared by Eduniversal and beyond is to provide all people interested in learning with both useful tools and expert knowledge of programs and universities available around the world, which can help to get an idea of the best educational opportunities to make the right choice. However, it is important to keep in mind that such a choice is not easy and should not depend solely on the results obtained in even the most reputable or recognized rankings. 

The full Business School Ranking results can be found here:

Source: Eduniversal

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