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Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2018

Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2018

Eduniversal, a global rating agency specializing in higher education, based in Paris, has just published the Best Masters Ranking 2018 results. Like in the previous rankings, this year the agency also focuses more attention on evaluating MBA programs, and not on evaluating business schools alone. In the ranking of the best Executive MBA in Central and Eastern Europe, there are 25 programs from 9 countries, including 6 from Poland. The winner of this edition is the Executive MBA Programme offered by the University of Warsaw. The EMBA program run by Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University (Russia) is ranked second, and Master's Programme in Business Administration (FELU MBA), Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) - third. The list of the best full-time MBA programs, on the other hand, includes 20 from 9 countries of Central and Eastern European, including 2 from Poland. Here is the lead as follows: 1st place - International MBA Programme at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management - Centre for Management Training, 2nd place - Corvinus Full-time MBA Program  at Corvinus University of Budapest - Corvinus Business School (Hungary) and 3rd place - International MBA in English (ISBM) at the University of Economics Prague, VSE - Faculty of Business Administration (Czech Republic). Interestingly, the second Polish MBA IM Program from Kozminski University is classified in 4th standing. 

Ranking methodology

As mentioned above, in this year’s edition the agency concentrated only on the programs, not the schools themselves. The Executive and Full-time MBA studies were evaluated using three key criteria, i.e.: the reputation of the program, the salary of the 1st employment after graduation and the students’ satisfaction. In the first criterion - the reputation of the program - 50% of the score was based on the opinions of recruiters and 50% of this score - on the level of Palme of Excellence of the school. As for the salary of the 1st employment, this information was provided by each program and verified by Eduniversal. And finally, there was students’ satisfaction. A survey comprised of 11 questions was sent by e-mail to graduating students to assess satisfaction with the completed program. At least 10% of graduates had to answer it. In addition to the three above-mentioned criteria, the agency also awarded some additional bonus points for, among others, different nationalities registered in programs, opportunities to do an internship or to work abroad and offering distance learning. Depending on the number of points obtained, each program was given a final score associated with a star ranking as follows: 4 stars - from 12 to 15 points received, 3 stars - from 11.9 to 9, 2 stars - from 8.99 to 6 and 1 star from 5.99 to 1.

Like in the previous rankings, this time all programs are grouped according to geographical criteria, i.e. in 9 geographical zones.

Ranking results

On the list of the best Executive MBA and of top Full-time MBA in Central and Eastern Europe both programs, Executive MBA and International MBA, come from Poland, from the same school, i.e. the University of Warsaw. It is worth emphasizing that in this year's edition of the Executive MBA ranking, the representation of Polish programs was quite large - there were as many as 6 from Poland on the list of 25 best programs.


The victory of Polish programs in two lists presenting the best programs from Central and Eastern Europe is a great success. We can also be proud of the places occupied by other programs, in particular, by the MBA IM program from Kozminski University. It is a perfect advertisement for Polish higher education.
It is worth remembering that the main objective of the rankings prepared by Eduniversal is to provide all interested in learning with both useful tools and good know-how about programs available around the world, which can help them find the best educational opportunities and make the right choice. However, you have to be aware that such a choice is not easy, and what is more, it should not be dependent only on the results obtained in even the most renowned and recognized rankings.
The full results of the Eduniversal Best Master Ranking 2018 can be found here:

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