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Warsaw School of Economics received EQUIS accreditation

Warsaw School of Economics received EQUIS accreditation

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) has received the prestigious EQUIS accreditation granted by EFMD. This is one of the most important international accreditation and assessment systems for the quality of education and conditions for studying at business schools.

EQUIS accreditation (European Quality Improvement System) is one of the most recognizable accreditation systems for business schools. The accreditation is recognized by students, faculty, employers, corporate clients and the media worldwide. Together with AMBA and AACSB it forms the so called "three crowns" which the best business schools compete for. Its prestige can also be confirmed by the fact that it is often a necessary condition for business schools to participate in international rankings.

EQUIS accreditation is a benchmark of quality in ten areas of university activity - it provides a rigorous check against international standards in the following areas: management, programs, students, university staff, research, international cooperation, ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development, as well as involvement in practical activities. As EFMD, the accrediting organization, emphasizes on its website, EQUIS accreditation covers a wide range of assessment: all activities of a university, including both degree and non-degree programs, as well as doctoral training programs, and knowledge creation and contribution to the community. Assists in the pursuit of excellence in a continuous improvement process after each accreditation or reaccreditation visit. The diversity of cultures and educational systems around the world is also considered during the process of examining the quality of education under this accreditation, as it is essential to understand the local context in any assessment process.

This prestigious accreditation is held by approximately 200 business schools worldwide, including 105 in Europe, e.g. London Business School, French INSEAD or Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. In Central and Eastern Europe, apart from SGH, EQUIS accreditation is held by five more universities, including two in Poland. In Poland, it was also granted to the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University and Leon Kozminski Academy.

Obtaining the EQUIS accreditation is preceded by several years of preparation process, numerous consultations and analyses. The final stage is a visit by the EFMD commission, which ultimately assesses the readiness of the university. During the visit, commission representatives meet with the university authorities, representatives of academic and administrative staff, students, graduates and business partners. It should be remembered that the accreditation is a great honor, but at the same time it is an obligation to further improve the quality of education, research and management of the university.


: 25 października 2021 | : from MBA world

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