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EQUIS Re-Accreditation for the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

EQUIS Re-Accreditation for the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw

Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw has recently completed the re-accreditation process of EQUIS, which strives to recognise quality and promote quality assessment in the world’s best business schools.

Alfons Sauquet, Quality Services & EQUIS Director, commented on the recent success: “Warm congratulations to the re-accredited institution, who have proved its resilience and dedication to go through the assessment process online in these ongoing uncertain times. We are looking forward to our following cooperation and wish them further accomplishments in the near future.”

EQUIS – European Quality Improvement System is one of the three prestigious and well known accreditations for business schools and faculties around the world. It is acknowledged worldwide by potential students, faculty, employers, corporate clients and the media, often being a pre-requisite for entry to rankings. Its aim is to assess the quality of education of the study programmes offered by a given institution and to provide and improve the quality of education in the field of management.

The accreditation primarily focuses on the development of entrepreneurial behaviour among students and the implementation of didactic innovations. An important element of the assessment is also the internationalization process of the school and its cooperation with external institutions and business organizations in terms of preparing graduates for the needs of the labour market. EQUIS covers all the activities, including degree and non-degree programmes, knowledge generation and contribution to the community. EQUIS accreditation also ensures a rigorous quality control, and benchmarking of the universities against international standards in terms of governance, programmes, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, as well as engagement with the world of practice.

Prof. Grzegorz Karasiewicz, Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw, commented on the success: ‘The re-accreditation of EQUIS is an essential element in the realisation of our strategy. It allowed us to verify the effectiveness of our activities so far and to identify new challenges. The recreation process was also an opportunity for our community and stakeholders to work together on an important goal. Re-accrediting has strengthened our competitive image in Poland and the region. Finally, we are delighted and grateful to everyone involved for making it happen.’

The Faculty of Management is among 193 universities and business schools around the world that have the accreditation. It is also the first public university and the second school in Poland to which the EQUIS re-accreditation has been granted.

Source: press release

: 17 marca 2021 | : from MBA world

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