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The best applicant to MBA studies?

The best applicant to MBA studies?

6 lutego 2013 : for prospective students

 There is no such a thing like a best way of achieving success in business. However, it can be done in a way through wisdom, capabilities in managing people and professional knowledge gained in practical experience. These elements are necessary to be satisfied with work, and to make it really effective. A good manager is supposed to possess a strong personality, professional experience and a good education, best supported with a MBA diploma.

Master of Business Administration is an elite title. MBA studies provide theoretical and business knowledge. Professors who teach on MBA programs are academics and professionals from such fields as management, economics and business. Yet, the MBA studies are quite expensive and very demanding. Students usually have to combine work, studying and family responsibilities. Hence, not everyone can afford to study MBA. However, the diploma of MBA studies is therefore extremely appreciated by employees. Investment in the MBA studies is actually an investment in student's career and personal development. Is it then for everyone? What are the criteria to get the MBA diploma? What are other requirements to be able to learn from business professionals and to be able to expand one's outlook on life?

Before entering into MBA world it is crucial to think about one's needs and capabilities, and to spare a thought on the idea what kind of studies could be beneficial to achieve one's goal. Sometimes an applicant wants to expand its wisdom in a particular subject. Very often it is important for the applicant's job. However, such professional knowledge is offered by many courses or workshops. MBA studies provide general education. Many courses are taught there, but no issue is elaborated in details. A good manager should have a general knowledge in all business issues. Therefore, MBA programs prepare managers for managerial positions, not experts in one particular field. MBA applicants should be prepared for that before entering MBA studies.

Self-awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses, professional skills, good motivation and a preparation are definitely key elements to be successful while taking part in oral examination applying for MBA studies. The best applicant for MBA studies should know the program, requirements, courses taught in that program, teachers and costs connected with these studies. Admission committees have to be certain that the student will not give up the studies because of lack of motivation or financial support. Hence, it seems to be quite helpful to get to know a list of alumni to understand what is the target group of the chosen MBA program. It is important to know that many of the programs require professional experience in management of at least a couple of years. MBA programs are mostly for those who want to improve skills gained in practice. However, there are also such MBA programs which offer courses for young and inexperienced MA holders. Therefore, it is good to think of one's needs and capabilities before choosing the most popular MBA programs.

Besides, a big difference between MA studies and MBA studies is the emphasis on the practical approach of doing business. Many MBA programs are prepared for a specific group of students, or even for a specific companies, industries. Therefore, MBA schools compose their programs for the needs of those industries. All because organization culture in technology companies differs from the one in a consulting firm. So, it is wise to know whether the chosen program is prepared for a specific target group, i.e. technology companies or for everyone, meaning without any business specialization.

To be the best applicant for MBA studies is to prepare oneself well for written and oral exams. It is important during oral exam to be precise in the idea of the usage of the wisdom gained from MBA studies. References from employees can be helpful in this assignment. However, the most important are plans and reasons why an applicant wants to do the MBA studies. Furthermore, the applicant's willingness to be engaged in the MBA society can be helpful in convincing the admission committee. The best candidate has to be prepared to answer such questions as what I can bring to the MBA society. Business networks of the applicant can be of merit. Professional experience is also beneficial because MBA students learn not only from professors but also from themselves. Hence, strong personality, experience and idea for professional career is important to become a MBA student.

It is also worth mentioning that apart from above mentioned issues a key element for a success of a prospective applicant is the appropriate moment for doing MBA studies. It is important to find the right moment of one's career and family life to get the most of MBA studies. It is important to have enough professional experience in management. First, to understand theoretical aspects of management. Second, to share one's practical wisdom with other students. This is the aim of MBA studies – gaining knowledge on how to do business effectively.

Gaining practical knowledge is a life-time process. Reasonable managing one's wisdom gives the opportunity to generate new values. Experienced MBA alumnus can be perceived as a real expert. Therefore, why not to become such a person? Why not to hold the MBA diploma?

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