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Study organization

The MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis program offered in cooperation with the IPI PAN and Woodbury School of Business UVU (USA) is entirely taught in English. The one-year MBA program is made up of four 5-day modules (which constitute the coursework) and the defense of an MBA business project.

Candidates are cordially welcome to enter the program either in the October, January, April or June, module. Then they are asked to complete all four modules and when this is done they are encouraged to submit the final version of their MBA business project.

The 5-day modules start on Wednesday and are wrapped up on Sunday. The precise schedule of a given module along with course syllabuses and readings is usually sent to the students two weeks prior to the module. Every module includes a cultural event (like going out to a theater) and a get-together dinner (both are covered by the program’s organizers).

As a rule, four courses are taught during each module. The students will be required to write final assignments to complete those courses. Staying in touch with a lecturer and following provided guidelines help finalize the courses successfully and receive great grades. The submission deadline for the assignments is usually the beginning of the next module.