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General information

The MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis program is offered by the SWPS University in partnership with Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) and the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University (USA). It is a one-year postgraduate program taught entirely in English.

IPI PAN is top listed in the category A by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and in the category H+ in the German Anabin database. Its Partner, the Woodbury School of Business at UVU (USA), is accredited by AACSB International. The Polish Academy of Sciences is ranked 33rd in the world by Scimago Institution Ranking.

The MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis is ranked second among the MBA programs offered in Poland in the category “program’s lecturers” and third in the category “opinions of those who have finished the program”.


The MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis program was created by concerted efforts on the part of SWPS University, IPI PAN and the Woodbury School of Business UVU (USA). The main aim was to put together a program which would be rewardable, captivating and practical for candidates whose background was diverse, whose business experience was varied and who were managers or those who just inspired to become business leaders.

Teaching the MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis program for the last three years has shown that that aim has largely been reached (the program’s high ranking positions validate this too). It does not mean that SWPS University, IPI PAN and the Woodbury School of Business do not strive for improvements: there is a rigorous and continual system of curriculum enhancement and lecturer supplementation. It is true, however, that once enrolled you would encounter a program which is matured, well-balanced and equipping you with key competencies and skills.


The MBA – Innovation and Data Analysis program is a general MBA program with special emphasis on data management and causes of innovation. You should not be afraid of being bombarded with data mining formulas or machine learning schemes.


We teach Corporate Finance and Managerial Economics along with Data Analysis, Cloud Computing and Data and Systems Security. You will also be thrilled by such courses as Technology Commercialization, Organizational Development, Decision Making, Marketing and New Technologies, Global Finance, Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Human Resource Management or Leadership in Business. Additionally, we stress the need to learn the art of goal setting and goal achievement.

You may be the smartest person in the world with splendid career record, but if you started squandering your determination and perseverance you would reduce yourself to insignificance, misery and ultimately suffering.

We would therefore discuss together how to acknowledge the vicissitudes of luck and at the same time to staunchly hold to one’s own goals in order to succeed in the world fraught with risks and uncertainties.


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