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The admissions rules are straightforward and candidate-friendly. Only the necessary documents are required to be sent via email:

STEP 1 – Fill in the online application form
STEP 2 – Download and print out the following documents from the online application form:

  • Personal Data Form
  • agreement on terms of payment for postgraduate studies (signed in two counterparts)
  • price list for postgraduate studies (signed on every page)

STEP 3 – Attach to the above documents:

  • higher education diploma or a photocopy confirmed by an employee of SWPS University (diplomas issued after 2005 must be accompanied by a supplement)
  • CV

STEP 4 – deliver the set of documents to the Postgraduate Studies Admission Office by post, in person or by a third party.


  • personally or by third parties, in the seat of the University – room 112 (it is recommended to take an ID),
  • by post to the address: SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities Postgraduate Studies and Trainings Centre ul. Chodakowska 19/31, 03-815 Warszawa

The candidates must demonstrate either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and at least three years of business or organizational experience.


The application documents are evaluated by the Admissions Committee which may ask for some clarifications or even for a skype interview. It is understood that candidates will have about 3-year experience of working in a corporation or an organization.


There is no need to send us a proof of English proficiency. However, we do take it for granted that the candidate’s command of the English language is sufficient to take part in class discussions and to write the required assignments and final project. It takes about one week to receive an acceptance letter. Those who need to obtain a visa are sent, in addition, an invitation letter (and upon payment of the first installment – a proof of tuition fee payment).


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