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About the program

Requirements which arise in front of modern managers are higher and higher. They have to be effective, but this effectiveness is measured both by financial results and intangible assets. It is essential also to build a good reputation and perception of the company among the clients (goodwill). Additionally, managers are required to have the ability to conduct a team and motivate their employees to achieve the best results. We need to remember that all these activities are increased by rising competition, globalization and internalization of markets. Only the managers who can use the integrated approach to management, including international aspects, will be able to manage their companies successfully.

European Multicultural Integrated Management Program, International MBA is a specialist, managerial programme designed especially for the managers who are working in international environment. The studies’ programme, elaborated according to the latest standards, allows to know the ideas of global management, investment and finance, controlling, change management, leadership and directing of multicultural team, functioning of global organizations. Additionally, the participants of this programme have the opportunity to take part in managerial games and projects organized by the Cracow School of Business at Cracow University of Economics and SGBS e.g. „International MBA Congress”, simulation and decision game Tees-6, „Strategy Week Boston” or „Leadership Boston”. This is a great opportunity to compare the achieved knowledge and gain new experiences.

St. Gallen Business School, partner of the programme,  is one of the best schools in German-speaking area  (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) and a leading school of management in new St. Gallen Management Valley, where around 150 consulting companies are situated. These companies offer their services in the range of management of global environment. SGBS is a recognized institution in the region, which assures education services at the graduate and postgraduate level. More information can be  found on the website: www.sgbs.com

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