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The Franklin University MBA Program takes 2 years to complete. The Program comprises 9 compulsory modules accounting for a total of 432 hours of instruction and addressing a wide array of areas and issues pertinent to efficient business management in the international marketplace.

Practical knowledge and a prestigious American degree are highlighted as the most distinctive characteristics of the Franklin University MBA (FUMBA) program delivered by the WSB University in Wrocław. FUMBA also stands for an international faculty bringing different outlooks on organizational management into the classroom, and a number of integrative activities – e.g. a study trip to the USA – involving managers from diverse business sectors. Other benefits that are often emphasized by FUMBA alumni include a reassuring sense of community, inspirational friendships, experience sharing, and the ability to confront your approach and management style with others’.

Study Trip to the USA
As part of the curriculum, Franklin University MBA students take part in a study trip to the USA, where they conclude the final course module at the program’s home – Franklin University. All the expenses are covered by the WSB University in Wrocław. 

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