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Franklin University MBA (FUMBA)

About the program

Each module involves written assignments and groupwork projects as well as examinations which the students are obliged to accomplish. The Program is run jointly with Franklin University and in collaboration with experienced practitioners from a number of US industries. Meetings are scheduled at weekends, Friday afternoon through Sunday, usually every other month.

The Franklin University MBA Program is targeted at executive staff for whom relevant education is a prerequisite for career advancement as well as at all those who need to obtain or upgrade their managerial skills to be able to cope in typical business situations. The Program furnishes them with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge while emphasizing competences that are key to effective performance in an international environment where a good command of English is essential.

Modern teaching methodology applied in the delivery of the Franklin University MBA Program stimulates the development of strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. Interactive forms of instruction – workshops, business case analyses and simulation – permit students to instantly validate any newly acquired knowledge. Heavy reliance on groupwork enables experience sharing, which is a most effective mode of learning among managers.

Students can access educational content and keep in touch with their Franklin University teachers through myFranklin portal – the American university’s distance education platform. The platform is a gateway to a wealth of lectures and presentations alongside a multimedia library containing more than 40 million volumes.

The curriculum involves individual work to be done in preparation for each class. Under American standards, the pursuit of the MBA degree is based primarily on self-study. To earn an American degree, students are expected to devote a total of 1200 hours to self-preparation. The effort results in the acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills, promoting them to the ranks of the best educated managers in Poland and worldwide.

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