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Alumni’s Comments

Paweł Sałek, Chairman of the Board, Ministry of the Environment, MBA CMT UW graduate, 2009

The growing popularity of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the top management environment leads to an increasing number of various MBA programmes available on the education market. However, there is not always correlation between the offer and quality of education obtained. MBA studies are a big investment in education and self-development, and how to make the right investment decision?

I chose the International Master of Business Administration at the Centre for Management Training (MBA CMT), bearing in mind the fact that these studies guarantee a very high quality of training, academic staff at an excellent professional level and well–prepared students. So far these excellent features of the programme have been at the top of prestigious rankings many times, for example, 4th place in the Wprost weekly ranking in 2013 and 2nd in the latest international ranking carried out by EDUNIVERSAL.

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) programme at CMT has met my expectations. Modern knowledge and skills in the field of management as well as innovation of this programme - carried out at the highest world level - enabled me to deepen and develop competences, and some valuable professional contacts established with the representatives of various business environments are an undeniable added value of the completed studies.

I would like to entourage all interested in professional development of their managerial skills to choose the MBA Programme at CMT. I especially recommend classes conducted by a full professor Roman Głowacki, who is a widely recognized authority in the field of economic sciences.

You should also visit the programme website: www.cmt.wz.uw.edu.pl.


Anna Zielińska, Management Board’s Plenipotentiary for Environmental Protection, MBA CMT UW graduate, 1996

At that time it was a very important matter for me to obtain the MBA diploma, since I won the competition for the Environmental Protection Office Director at Polimex-Cekop SA and I had to face a great challenge to manage an independent unit consisting of a few dozen people. As a chemical engineer, I had substantial preparation in my industry; however, as for management, marketing, finance, economy and economic issues I did not feel too strong. I decided to learn more and my choice was to attend the Centre for Management Training.

The studies were difficult, required a lot of intellectual and organizational effort from me, but the classes were organized for the working people, in the afternoons and evenings. The programme was conducted only in English, by the lecturers from a few renowned European universities. The classes were always accompanied by lively discussions, the more so because the students were people with some business experience in Poland, from various fields of the economy.

Till now we have been in touch with one another and we have good memories of the days at the Centre.

Completing the MBA Programme gave me a lot: of course, knowledge on management I didn’t have, however, above all, a thorough through basis of economics and, consequently, a kind of self-confidence that is indispensable in business. The MBA diploma I received was authorized by four renowned universities from the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as the University of Warsaw. That is why I entered the sphere of interest to head hunters ... When after a few years I decided to change my job related to promotion, my MBA diploma played its role.

I know as part of the Centre for Management Training at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw, professor Głowacki, who manages the Centre, has modified and improved the MBA program over the years. It is still one of the best MBA Programmes in Poland, worth recommending and certainly worth the effort that must be put into obtaining an MBA diploma.


Tadeusz Wyrzykowski, Controlling Director, MBA CMT UW graduate, 2002

As a graduate of this program, I can say that participation in it allows for a holistic view of company management and understanding of rules governing business. During my studies, I got acquainted with such issues as cost accounting from the managerial and accounting point of view, team management principles, micro-and macro economics and financial market performance rules. These are areas that every manager thinking about a company should know in terms of the common resources, giving satisfaction (when everything runs smoothly) to all stakeholders. Participation in the UW MBA programme requires a lot of work, commitment, discipline and desire to achieve good grounds for understanding business management principles. It was a special challenge to balance work duties with learning, exams with everyday family life, however, it was worth devoting two years of hard work and sacrifices to successfully complete the MBA programme. This effort then paid off in my further job, allowing me to deal with: controlling, risk management and compliance as well as ownership supervision over companies from various industries (transport, services, insurance, and banking).

Therefore, I can truly recommend this programme to all those who want to broaden their horizons and are ready to use the acquired skills and knowledge in their future professional career.

CMT MBA Alumni Association