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International MBA Programme - Centre for Management Training (CMT)

About program

The Centre for Management Training (CMT) is an independent, non-profit educational institution and has been operating as a foundation at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw since 1990. Roman Głowacki, a full professor at the University of Warsaw, alumnus of Harvard Business School and visiting professor at a large number of European and American universities, is its founder and main sponsor. He acts as President of the Foundation's Board of Directors and MBA Programme Director.

The foundation could start its activity thanks to the support from the EU, namely the TEMPUS project (Trans-European Mobility Project for University Studies).

The CMT activities are supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Scientific Council that consists of the representatives of domestic and foreign universities as well as business environment and public institutions. Using comprehensive knowledge and rich varied experience acquired by all MBA Programme Partners, we try to encourage participants to intensive personal development through deepening their knowledge during classes, lectures and workshops offered at CMT. Our process of selecting both participants and forms of conducting classes allows us to effectively exchange experience, thanks to which our MBA programme alumni become managers more open, more confident in their own competences, more easily and more consciously undertaking challenges resulting from the changes taking place.

The CMT educational activity carried out with great commitment and use of the latest research of many universities is highly valued by our graduates and their employers, as well as various national and international institutions. For many years the MBA programme executed by CMT and its Partners has been occupying top standings in prestigious rankings prepared by such magazines as WPROST and PERSPEKTYWY. Also, the Association of Management Education “Forum” includes our MBA programme in master class that represents the world’s level.

Eduniversal, the international ranking institution rates this programme among top (first place) in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our MBA Programme is a fully international programme in three dimensions: its educational curriculum content, teaching staff and diversity of students.