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The Financial Times Executive MBA 2016

30 listopada 2016


We have already known the results of the Financial Times annual ranking of the world’s best Executive MBA programmes. In this year’s edition, the winners are the programmes from China and jointly delivered by a few business schools. It is also worth mentioning that in the ranking there are also two programmes from Poland: Aalto Executive MBA delivered together with WSB University, Poznan (in 61st place) and Kozminski University Executive MBA, Warsaw (in 72nd place).

About the ranking

This is the 16th edition of the ranking of the top Executive MBA programmes worldwide. The ranking is prepared by the Financial Times, one of the best renowned economic dailies in the world. In this year’s edition 137 programmes took part, including 16 programmes conducted by a few business schools in the world. The criteria qualifying to the ranking are very strict and not every programme can be considered. All business schools wishing to submit their EMBA programme must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible. They first must be accredited by either the AACSB or EQUIS accreditation bodies, be cohort-based, with students enrolling and graduating together and produce at least 30 graduates each year.

The ranking alone is based on two surveys. One of them is completed by participating schools and one by alumni. The responses given by alumni provide information on recognising an influence of completing the EMBA programmes on their career in the following areas: salary today, salary increase, career progress, work experience and aims achieved. On the other hand, the responses received from schools measure the factors connected with programme quality and business school growth rate. The survey includes such issues as: the gender and international diversity of teaching staff, the international reach of the programme, the number and quality of research done by the schools and the number of articles and publications, etc. Read more about methodology here: https://www.ft.com/content/1ce8a26a-817f-11e6-8e50-8ec15fb462f4

The results of the ranking

The results of this year’s edition of the ranking seem to show a few interesting trends. Firstly, the programmes from China won the ranking. They occupied first and second place and there were 15 Chinese Executive MBA programmes classified in total in the entire ranking. Secondly, the programmes delivered by a few universities created a vast majority of the lead of the ranking. Thirdly, the American business schools, at least in this ranking, are in retreat and the first “single-school” programme was ranked in 16th place only (University of Pennsylvania: Wharton). The programmes offered in Europe are very highly rated in the ranking. In the top 10 there are up to three of them and ranked seventh (INSEAD), ninth (University of Oxford: Said) and tenth (IE Business School).

Poland in the FT Executive MBA ranking is represented by the joint programme offered by Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa University, Poznan and Aalto University from Finland, with the participation of Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea (61st place) as well as the single-school programme delivered by Kozminski University (72nd place). Both programmes nearly changed their ranks with each other in the ranking compared to last year’s listing.

The results of the ranking confirm a global feature of the world’s business. Earlier managers already relocated across the world, looking for a job, projects and markets. It seems that currently they are also travelling to find and acquire knowledge. The American EMBA programmes have the longest tradition and proven history of their effectiveness. The people oriented at their personal growth select the European programmes. And these who are the most motivated to make a success in business decide to study in Far East (China, Singapore).

The full results of the ranking are available here: http://rankings.ft.com/exportranking/executive-mba-ranking-2016/pdf

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