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Executive MBA Ranking 2013 - Financial Times

27 października 2013


On 21st October 2013 the Financial Times published an annual ranking of Executive MBA. Among the 100 classified programs two programs are from Poland - a program from Kozminski University and WSB from Poznan in cooperation with the Aalto School of Business.

The winner of this year's ranking of the " FT " is a Sino- American program of Kellogg / Hong Kong UST MBA (1st in 2012). At the forefront are also: Tsinghua / INSEAD EMBA (China, France, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates) (2nd place, and 4th in 2012), Columbia / London Business School (3rd place, 2nd place in 2012).

This year two Polish programs has been classified in the FT ranking. It was again the Executive MBA (EMBA) at Kozminski University. This program took 47th place (46th in 2012). The second Polish program is the program from Aalto University (Finland) organized in our country by the School of Banking in Poznan.

The Executive MBA is the most demanding and prestigious education program for managers, offered only by selected business schools. Executive MBA is designed for senior managers who want to expad their knowledge, exchange experience and to accelerate their career path. Therefore, the position of MBA courses in the " Financial Times " depends primarily (over 50%) on graduates, their salaries three years after completing MBA studies, a change in salary after graduation , achieved career goals, promotions, higher positions and work in an international environment. Beyond these differences relevant is the participation of women and foreigners among faculty, students, and schools’ governments (about 25 % of the total assessment) as well as the scientific level of universities: the number of publications, faculty with doctorates and their experience at leading business schools (20 %).

In total, most Executive MBA programs in the " Financial Times " ranking includes more than 50 U.S. and Canadian universities  (idividually and in consortia), indicating a still crucial role of theory and practice of management from North America. It is worth noting that there has been also an increase in the Asian representantion in the ranking, including nearly 20 business schools from China, seven from Singapore, schools from South Korea and the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain. In their teams appear often the best European business schools from the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Full ranking of Executive MBA "FT" can be found at: