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Eduniversal 2013 Ranking

15 grudnia 2013


School of Economics, University of Warsaw , Kozminski University is the best Polish universities by Eduniversal 2013 . In early October, were announced the results of the ranking business schools Eduniversal . It is a ranking of the 1,000 best business schools in the world. Schools are grouped into nine geographic regions and 154 countries. In Polish this year has been classified 12 universities .

The combination of each school are awarded "Palm trees " . The more palm trees , the higher the note. Program evaluation is based on criteria such as the evaluation of research universities / institutions , its internationalization (mainly related to the possession of accreditation ) , and mutual evaluation of deans / directors of the university. The first element is the decisive whether the university is on the list of 1,000 schools participating in the study . Most important , however, are the last two criteria namely the internationalization and mutual evaluation of deans .

Among the elements that affect the internationalization includes, among others : gained accreditations position in the main rankings, participation in international organizations and associations , an extensive network of contacts with other universities and university recognition and study.

Mutual evaluation of deans is also an important element influencing the amount allocated to the palm trees. Methodology for the evaluation of institutions in this regard is based on the collection of assessments issued by the deans of other universities of the country.

In this Polish universities have won the following number of palm trees :

Schools with 5 Palms : 1 ( School of Economics)
Schools with 4 Palms : 2 ( Uniwesytet warszawki , Akadaemia Leon Koźmińkiego )
Schools with 3 Palms : 7
Schools with 2 Palms 2

The full list can be see at eduniversal-ranking.com