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Polish business schools among European leaders

6 grudnia 2012


Poland is the place to study business, since Polish B-schools are listed among the top ones in their category in Europe, shows the recent listing by “Financial Times” - European Business School Rankings 2012 - published on Dec 3, 2012. Kozminski University (KU) is ranked 37th, while Main School of Commerce has made 76th place.

Just these two Warsaw-based Polish schools have made the list of 80 best business schools released by “FT”. Their graduates easily find decent jobs, and receive similar wages as their colleagues from France or Spain. According to “FT” management graduates with M.A. from the best European schools make on average a bit more than 50 thousand USD per year, while average salaries of graduates of Kozminski University are slightly higher (51 thousand USD annually).

Ranking of the best European B-schools is compiled by “FT” from several partial listings, including M.A. studies in management, MBA courses and programs for senior managers. In 2012 Kozminski University received very good grades: its Executive MBA was ranked 21st, management – 26th position, and finances – 19th in Europe.
- Presence of Polish universities in international rankings attracts students from other countries who want to study in Poland – says Professor Witold T. Bielecki, rector of Kozminski University. – This year we have managed to admit almost 1000 international students from 56 countries, which is almost 30 pct. of full-time students at KU. Among major sources of our success in business education is our program with full English-language instruction, praised by Polish Accreditation Commission and recognized by international bodies, EQUIS and AACSB.

Export of Polish educational services is important to Professor Barbara Kudrycka, Polish minister of science and higher education, who is concerned about low ratio of foreigners among students in Poland (just 1.5 pct.). To improve this figure Professor Kudrycka has launched a campaign titled “Ready, Study, Go! Poland” aimed at convincing international students to apply to Polish universities. High positions of Polish B-schools in international rankings and their ability to recruit foreign students fit squarely into the campaign.