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Global MBA Ranking 2013

31 stycznia 2013


Financial Times has published Global MBA 2013 ranking. None of the Polish programs has been classified among 100 best MBA programs in the world.

This year’s first places in ranking are as follows: 1st Harvard Business School (2nd in 2012), 2nd Stanford Graduate School of Business (1st in 2012), 3rd University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (3rd in 2012).

Among the top 10 MBA programs, 6 of them were from the United States, 3 programs from Europe and one from China.

Global MBA ranking methodology is based on an online survey of business schools and MBA graduates. To participate in the ranking the MBA program must be recognized, run continuously for four years and have international accreditations. In this year's study 100 business schools and MBA programs were involved. The ranking takes into account 22 factors, such as: salaries of graduates before and after the MBA, the number of women in the study, the number of scientific papers published by the faculty, the number of international faculty, and the number of languages.

One of the interesting elements of the ranking is the study of the level of salary of Global MBAs graduates. Nowadays, the MBA diploma does not guarantee a rapid growth of salary. Graduates of the best MBA programs in the mid 90. could count on a threefold increase in wages over the five years after graduation. Today, the result is practically unachievable.

Below we present top 10 of Global MBA Ranking 2013 by ft.com:

Position School name Country Weighted sal. in 3 yrs after graduation ($)
1 Harvard Business School USA 187,223
2 Stanford Graduate School of Business USA 194,645
3 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton USA 180,772
4 London Business School UK 160,988
5 Columbia Business School USA 174,347
6 INSEAD France/Singapour 153,992
7 IESE Business School Spain 146,049
8 Hong Kong UST Business School  China 132,685
9 MIT: Sloan USA 160,414
10 University of Chicago: Booth  USA 162,363

see full results at ft.com...