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Global MBA Ranking 2012 - Financial Times

31 stycznia 2012


Financial Times has just published the Global MBA Ranking 2012. None of the Polish programs of more than 100 MBA programs in the world has been classified in the ranking.

This year the first place in the ranking was taken by Stanford Graduate School of Business, the second by Harvard Business School, and the third by University of Pennsylvania: Wharton.
Only 5 MBA programs from the United States were among the first 10 programs. As many as four programs were from Europe. One - from China.

Global MBA ranking methodology is based on an online survey of business schools and graduates of MBA programs. To participate in the ranking a program must be recognized in the world, run continuously for 4 years and have international accreditation. This year's study involved 150 business schools and MBA programs.

The ranking takes into account 22 factors such as: salary of graduates before and after the MBA, the number of women in college, the number of scientific publications issued by the faculty, the number of international faculty, the number of languages. Read more about the methodology ...

full results of the ranking can be viewed at ft.com