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15 stycznia 2013


EDUNIVERSAL BEST RANKING MASTERS 2013 is a list of more than 4,000 programs in the broad sense of management and economics. In the latest ranking up to 5 Executive MBA programs in Polish can be found in the section devoted to Eastern Europe.

In this year's edition the first place in the ranking of Executive MBA programs took the University of St. Petersburg (1st in 2012), the second place was taken by the program Corvinius University of Budapest and the third place by Executive MBA Warsaw University of Technology Business School (2nd in 2012).

Other Polish MBA programs classified include: Executive MBA program of the Canadian School of Economics (4th, 3rd in 2012), the Executive MBA program at Kozminski University (9th place, 5th in 2012), Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA (12th place, 11th in 2012), Gdansk Foundation for Management Development (15th place, 16th in 2012).

Ranking methodology is based on examination of three major criteria:

  • the reputation of the program,
  • salary in their first job after graduation,
  • student satisfaction.

Moreover, programs earn points for additional components such as the internationalism of the students, the ability to complete a study time, etc.

Here we present the Top 10 ranking EDUNIVERSAL BEST RANKING MASTERS

  1. Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University (Russia)
  2. Corvinus University of Budapest - Corvinus School of Management (Hungary)
  3. Warsaw University of Technology Business School (Poland)
  4. SGH - Warsaw School of Economics (Poland)
  5. Institute of Business Studies the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Russia)
  6. BMI - Baltic Management Institute (Lithuania)
  7. Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School (Russia)
  8. Central European University (Hungary)
  9. Kozminski University (Poland)
  10. IEDC-Bled School of Management (Slovenia)

The full results of the ranking can be found at www.best-masters.com
The methodology of the study can be found at www.best-masters.com