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24 września 2015


Which of the graduates or the MBA  student – from any country in the world -  does not know what the AMBA is? Probably no one – everyone knows - because there are many who would like to complete such studies but few will succeed… Being a graduate of the studies with such accreditation ranks both the graduates and the programme much higher than those programmes without accreditation because the AMBA certificate guarantees high quality of the programme.

Association of Masters In Business Administration -  international organisation dating back to 1967 having its seat in London has already given its accreditation to 200 schools in 70 countries. In Poland only few universities have it – the MBA Programme conducted at the Faculty of Management and Economy of the Gdańsk University of Technology is the youngest in that prestigious group. The AMBA accreditation is given to the university, which has graduates of at least 3 successive years, and our programme is only eight years old…. And the MBA Programme of the Faculty of Management and Economy of GUT is the only one on the Coast to have received the accreditation.

The MBA programmes that apply to receive such accreditation must meet a number of criteria: formal – such as the above mentioned number of generations of graduates, number of students per group, professional experience of the students measured in years, university facilities – as well as those uncountable but also important: the quality and level of classes, the degree of internationalisation or  interesting career paths of the graduates. The accreditation is not given once and for all – the Association monitors all its programmes and requires subsequent verification. The accreditation makes it possible to participate in international rankings of programmes, which in turn pertains to their further internationalization, both of the MBA programme and the University.

The AMBA Commission has particularly appreciated the uniqueness of the MBA programmes offered by the Faculty of Management and Economy – all programmes are our own programmes, which is infrequent, international teaching staff, form of classes – combination of theoretical knowledge and case study analysis, professional admission process and tremendous commitment of the faculty authorities and programme management team to organise and conduct the programme. The close connection between the programme and business environment and entrepreneurs have been considered as an important asset. The success of the MBA Programme is a success of the Faculty itself but also another reason to be proud for the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The ceremony of awarding the diploma confirming the accreditation shall take place in Venice in March 2016.

More information about the MBA Programme of the Gdańsk University of Technology, at the Faculty of Management and Economy is available at: zie.pg.edu.pl/mba

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