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Polish MBA programs nationwide database updated

29 maja 2015


MBA Portal has completed the annual update of the Polish MBA Programs National Database. According to the data collected in the period of March-May 2015 in Poland there are 64 MBA programs.

During last year, 12 new programs appeared on the market. This is an unprecedented increase in the number of programs within one year. The total number in comparison to 2014 has increase by as much as 23%. The increase in the number of programs was accompanied by a decrease in the average price of MBA studies. Those who want to start MBA studies can do in 12 cities in Poland. Most studies are offered in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Krakow. As last year, the most popular program in Poland is the Executive MBA program, conducted in Polish and English.

The full report from the market research on MBAs in Poland in 2015 is available here (in Polish language only)...