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Global Strategic Challenges 2012

6 grudnia 2012


Global Strategic Challenges 2012 conference was held on November 16th 2012. It was organized by the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA program. The meeting was devoted to the contemporary challenges of business management.

The meetings of the Global Strategic Challenges presents the latest theories, methods and tools in the field of managed and challenges facing managers of companies.

The conference was opened by Dr. Thomas Ludwicki, WIEMBA Program Director and Professor. John Turin, Dean of the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University. Then, Dr. Tom Ritchey, who came specifically for the conference from Stockholm, presented the "General Morphological Analysis" - a method of modeling in the planning of complex social and organizational problems. During the second part, Dr. Michael Zdziarski presented the results of the research project "The prospect of Governors", conducted by Manage a team of the International Centre for UW, and Dr. Thomas Ludwicki appointed consulting projects developed by this year's graduates WIEMBA. A summary of the Conference was a panel discussion on strategic innovation moderated by Paul Rabieja, Managing Partner and Publisher magazine "Think Tank", which was attended by Patrick Mikucki, Director of the Centre for Clinical Research Operations, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland and also President of the Association of Graduates WIEMBA "New world "and Dr. Michael Zdziarski from the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University.

A detailed summary of the conference is available at: